What do small and mid-sized businesses need from an IT provider?

In order to grow, small and mid-sized businesses need the same things enterprise-level corporations get from their IT departments:


Proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and keep your people productive.



Executive-level strategy, pairing the right technology with business goals, within budget



Automated monitoring and management of all systems



Responsive, reliable support for issues as they arise


The problem is . . .


Most MSPs focus their energy on reactive support, forgetting the proactive and strategic aspects of IT management. As a result, small and mid-sized businesses end up with costly band-aid solutions and technology that does not align with their goals.


Affinity is different.

We believe that small and mid-sized businesses deserve an enterprise-level IT department. So we built one, and staffed it with a team who listens, cares, and delivers. The result?


IT that works . . .

Some MSPs tout their response time. We focus on preventing issues from ever happening. That way, you avoid costly downtime, and your people stay productive.

And powers growth.

Our CIO-level consultants present data-based strategy and high-impact recommendations for IT that works within your budget to impact your bottom line.


If it plugs in, we support it.

We provide a comprehensive array of technology services across industries and across platforms. We are vendor agnostic, allowing us to remain focused on finding the right technology for your needs.

Support and Maintenance:
• Macs and PCs
• Servers, Networks, and Virtual Machines
• Cloud Solutions
• Smartphones and Tablets
• OS and Applications
• Phone Systems
• Printers and Peripherals
• Hardware Repair


Installation and Implementation:
• IT Consulting and Strategy
• Network Design
• Virtualization
• Hardware and Software Provisioning
• Specialized Application Implementation
• IT Consulting


• Compliance Solutions (HIPAA, FINRA, SEC, PCI)
• Risk Analysis
• Systems Audits and Assessments
• Antivirus
• OS and Application Patch Management
• Device Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance
• Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Secure Email