While the demands on small practices are somewhat daunting and downright difficult at times, Affinity has helped us face up to those challenges and allowed us to survive. The main thing we like about Affinity is that they take a personal approach to a lot of potentially depersonalizing things. They’ve been able to humanize and demystify the adoption of EHR technology. We don’t have the support or finances of a hospital or large group, so Affinity has been helpful in guiding us through the maze and pitfalls of transitioning from a paper office to electronic records. Affinity has also made HIPAA compliance reasonable and not overbearing; we can get in and out of our systems easily while patient information is kept private.

—James F. Conrad, M.D., Guardian Eye Associates

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When our interior design firm doubled in size, so did our need for IT support that could bring us up to speed, as well as prepare us for future growth. We found a great fit with Affinity—their honest and personalized service mirrors our own company’s focus on relationships. Quick response times and a detailed yet efficient communication process make it easy for anyone on our team to get issues resolved without jumping through a lot of hoops. Since day one, Affinity’s level of service has remained consistent, letting us know that even as a small business, we are a valued client.

—Rachelle DeGeorge, Principal, Studio 121

Our business requires us to have a team of individuals like Affinity that allows us to feel confident that our client information is secure and that we are up and running 24 hours a day. We have had experiences in the past with other firms that were capable of doing the job, but were terrible at communicating with our employees. Certainly, one of Affinity’s strengths is that beyond their wide scope of knowledge in this industry, they have always made it a priority to have people working for them that consider communication with us to be a key factor in their service model. I really feel like everyone that has ever come to our office, or called me, or sent me an email has been friendly and patient. I always get clear communication about what they are doing, why, and when they will have it done. They are also great about letting me know what I can be doing on my end if we are partnering to find a solution together.

—Sarah Loutner, Director of Operations, TPG Financial