Hardware and software provisioning can be an incredibly complicated process. Even if you have an extensive budget, determining what to buy, what specific components each of your employees’ needs, when to buy it, who to purchase from, etc… is challenging

If you are a small or start-up business with a tight overhead, provisioning may just seem like an impossible list of questions that, if even one is answered incorrectly, could have drastic negative impacts on your company’s growth and profit margin. What software do I need to maximize proficiency and output but limit downtime? Will my current hardware suffice, or do I need to upgrade? How frequently should I upgrade my current software and applications? When is bulk licensing cost-effective? Do all my employees need the same equipment and operating systems? Who will I get the best deals from on my specific hardware and software needs?

The list goes on and on. And, even if you are able to navigate this minefield, once you have decided what to purchase, the installation process and transferring from existing systems to new ones is simultaneously important and daunting. But, don’t worry, Affinity is here to help!

IT Consulting Services - How Affinity Can Help You Plan for Hardware and Software Provisioning

For 16 years, we have been the go-to for IT solutions for businesses of all sizes in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. We have lasted this long and developed the reputation we have by providing only the highest-quality IT support and employing a team of highly trained, professional, and personable IT consultants. We take the time to get to know your company and your company’s needs so that we can provide you with a personalized service from start to finish. We are in it for the long run, and therefore are always taking into consideration what is best for your company’s growth, both now and in the future. This mindset is specifically important when considering hardware and software provisioning.

When planning for your upcoming hardware and/or software provisioning, it is imperative that the following is taken into consideration: your current hardware and software inventory, your current hardware and software requirements, and your future hardware and software needs. It is also important to evaluate the current condition of your hardware and to take into consideration what, if any, updates are available for your existing software, before developing a provisioning plan. None of this is one size fits all. Our technology consulting services include a thorough analysis of your current status and your future goals to help you better choose the correct path for your business.

Hardware and Software Acquisition as a Part of Your IT Strategy

Even after a thorough and comprehensive individualized provisioning plan has been developed, your company still faces the complicated tasks of acquisition and integration. Whether you require bulk ordering and volume licensing, or a smaller, individualized approach, we are here to help. By leveraging Affinity’s extensive purchasing knowledge and know-how, you can rest assured that you are getting the best deal for your company’s current and future needs.

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