IT Solutions to Mitigate Downtime

As nearly all legal professionals bill by the hour, the saying ‘time is money’ could not be more true in the legal field. Unfortunately, the reality is that workers lose 22 minutes per day on average–over 2 weeks per year–due to issues with technology. This means that “average” technology means a significant loss of potential earnings for legal professionals.

At Affinity Technology Partners, we excel in implementing and optimizing the latest technology systems for the legal field. Our technology solutions reduce down time due to technology issues, while ensuring the sensitive information you control is secure.

IT Solutions for a Competitive Advantage

Affinity Technology Partners not only optimizes practices in the legal field, we help our legal clients think though ways that new technology can make them competitive and give them an edge over other legal competitors.

Some of our Legal IT Solutions Include:

  • Support for practice management software

  • Support for document management software

  • Software vendor management

  • Security and encryption

  • Secure storage solutions

  • Secure Email solutions

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