We serve clients in a wide array of industries, including the following:

• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Industrial
• Music & Entertainment
• Retail
• Foodservice

• Healthcare
• Financial Services
• Education
• Nonprofit
• Professional Services
• Legal


Compliance Spotlight


Technology strategy that balances compliance, patient care, and your budget.

Since we opened our doors in 2002, healthcare clients have made up a significant portion of our client base. Our team is well-versed in HIPAA compliance requirements for technology as well as the challenges faced by small and mid-sized medical practices.

Healthcare-specific services include:

• HIPAA Compliance Solutions
• EMR/EHR Implementation and Management
• Vendor Management
• Risk Analysis and Risk Management
• Consulting from Health IT Experts
• Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Mobile Device Strategy


Financial Services

Boost efficiency, profitability, and security with the right technology.

Our team has decades of experience helping financial services firms, from financial planners to broker-dealers, implement smart technology that increases company profitability while maintaining high security standards to meet compliance requirements and earn clients’ trust.

Services specific to this industry include:

• SEC/GLBA Compliance Solutions
• FINRA Compliance Solutions
• Security and Encryption
• Secure Email
• Fintech Consulting
• Journaling and Archiving
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Vendor Management
• Smartphone and Tablet Strategy