Maintaining your workforce’s hardware needs efficiently is a critical component of running a successful company, which is why Affinity offers hardware support and maintenance solutions that focus on providing Tennessee businesses with superior service and value.

Hardware Maintenance Challenges

Common challenges in hardware maintenance and IT solutions include keeping up with a variety of different hardware needs, dealing with multiple points of contact for various hardware vendors, the need for specialized skills for specific hardware, and End of Service Life (EOSL) and hardware upgrades. Many businesses find themselves in a mixed IT environment, using various IT hardware with differing IT support and maintenance needs.

Properly maintaining a variety of hardware equipment can mean high overheads and requires a robust logistical hardware maintenance plan. Using a variety of hardware from multiple vendors also means working with multiple points of contact, which can prove tricky and time-consuming, putting a major dent in your workforce efficiency. A solid hardware maintenance and IT support solution, then requires a combination of a business-focused purchasing and provisioning strategy, efficient vendor management, and consistent proactive maintenance.

Finding an IT professional with the expertise to diagnose and resolve issues across multiple pieces of hardware can also prove challenging. The need to seek specialized help will inevitably cause a delay in the resolution of a specific hardware issue and can become costly. When a hardware vendor declares an EOSL to your hardware, they eliminate maintenance and support solutions and instead force you into a hardware upgrade that may not be necessary. A superior hardware IT service management solution will properly navigate EOSLs to eliminate this issue by providing service beyond your vendor’s end date and only selling you on upgraded equipment when you truly need it.

The Affinity Hardware Solution

Affinity’s Complete Care Partnership enables us to meet all of your hardware support and maintenance challenges head on, ensuring the highest quality IT support and services at the most cost-effective price available. Affinity’s outsourced IT support and managed IT solutions ensure your hardware needs are maintained for optimal workforce performance and efficiency.

Affinity provides top of the line IT hardware support and maintenance. We are known for our thorough consultations and expert IT solutions. No one else matches our drive and determination to fully understand and appreciate your business’s unique needs. We take care to develop a service plan that will exceed your expectations.

In addition to superior consultation across all of your hardware needs, we will provide regularly scheduled hardware maintenance services as well as a prioritized response to non-routine maintenance issues as they arise. Our talented IT professionals have a deep and thorough understanding of the vast array of hardware equipment options. We provide brand agnostic, comprehensive IT solutions that service all of your hardware needs. Thus eliminating the numerous pesky and costly headaches involved in trying to manage hardware from multiple vendors. Affinity recognizes the importance of your IT infrastructure and hardware, and the crucial roles they play in your business. Though our goal is to meet your financial constraints, we will not compromise service quality. We pride ourselves on our transparency throughout the entire process and work with you to ensure that our rigorous standards, and your budget, are both met.

Give us a call or schedule an IT service consultation online to find out how a partnership with Affinity can help your business today.