Signing In

To sign into Affinity’s client portal, simply navigate to, and enter your company email address and portal password. If you do not currently have a portal password, click the Request Account button, and fill out the form.


By default, our primary contact with your company will have access to all areas of the customer portal, including visibility over all support tickets and agreements, and billing contacts (if separate) will have full access to payments and invoices, but limited access to service information. All other users will have access only to the "Service" area of the portal, and will only be able to view or update their own tickets. Any user's permissions can be upgraded upon request from company management.

Navigation Overview

Screenshot 2017-11-01 16.30.52.png

Below is an overview of the navigation tabs at the top of the portal:

  • Dashboard: Provides an at-a-glance overview of your company’s account, including your current balance, open invoices, payment history, and payment methods.
  • Open Invoices: Displays invoices that are currently open.
  • Invoices: Provides a filtered list from which you can access all of your company’s current and past invoices with Affinity.
  • Payments: Provides a detailed payment history and lists any pending or scheduled payments.
  • AutoPay: Allows you to configure automatic payments according to your preferences.
  • Service: Allows the user to open and manage tickets and view agreements and projects.

Making Payments

Payments may be made by clicking into any invoice on the Open Invoices or Invoices tabs, or by clicking Make a Payment on the “Total Balance” or “Past Due Amount” blocks on the Dashboard.

Automatic Payments

Screenshot 2017-11-01 16.37.10.png

Automatic payments can be set up from the AutoPay tab. By clicking to create an automatic payment, you can choose to set up monthly recurring payments for your agreements via credit card or bank account. Also, you can choose to set up an automatic payment for service or project invoices up to a certain amount threshold (shown above).

Managing Service

Affinity’s client portal gives you visibility into your tickets and agreements with Affinity. Here’s an overview of the functionality for each:

  • Tickets: Provides a searchable, filtered list of all your company’s service tickets with Affinity. Clicking into a ticket will allow you to see a record of all communication and work performed on the ticket, as well as to add a comment for our team. You can also open a new ticket by clicking the Create Ticket button.
  • Contracts: Provides information on your agreement(s) with Affinity. If you have a Retainer or Block agreement with Affinity, clicking the BLOCKTIME button will display the time that has been billed against your agreement for the current month. Note that time records listing “0 Hours” indicate time worked beyond the monthly retainer or block purchased.