Quality printer and peripheral support and maintenance is a key way to augment your device utilization and protect your IT tech support investment.

Printers and Peripherals

Peripherals are ancillary hardware components and devices that augment the usability of your computer systems. Printers and other peripherals play a key role in making your daily work easier, more consistent, and more efficient. Issues with any hardware can cause you and your staff to waste time and resources, which can lead to serious disruptions in workflow, loss of revenue, and client satisfaction. Therefore, it is imperative that you keep your printers and peripherals running smoothly.

Printers are widely considered the most heavily utilized peripherals. Essential to the workplace, printers also pose common problems that can become significant snags in workflow. Though there are an infinite number of printer issues, common malfunctions can range from basic printer errors to printer spooler problems to software drivers to jambs of all sorts. Troubleshooting and diagnosing printer errors as quickly as possible is essential to ensuring that your business maximizes its productivity and efficiency of tech resources.

The Affinity Printer and Peripherals Solution

Our Complete Care Package ensures printer and peripherals IT support that will improve performance and preemptively address issues.

Our superior IT professional services mean you can rest easy as your printers and peripherals get the maintenance and repair they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ll assist in peripheral consultation and installation, the configuration of peripheral devices, troubleshooting, and connectivity or attachment issues. Our IT experts offer services for timely installation and configuration of whichever peripherals fit your business needs. Our team is readily available to provide you with a clear and thorough consultation for any peripheral questions or challenges you face. Ensuring you have the right peripherals to suit your specific business needs will augment your company’s performance by minimizing downtime and maximizing the benefits of your tech resources. Our IT professionals are also on hand to diagnose and troubleshoot issues, making sure you get the optimal value and performance from your peripherals.

We offer IT support solutions for almost all types of printers and peripherals. Our certified and well-trained staff is skilled in resolving issues that appear with 'plug-and-play' devices. In today’s office environment, such devices are critical to day-to-day operations no matter the size or scope of your business. We will consistently and efficiently troubleshoot all types of printer issues such as cable connectivity, wireless and wired communication, printer port issues, malfunction drivers, and (of course) the ever-present paper jam. Our peripheral support includes installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of scanning devices, keyboards, mouses, webcams, speakers, microphones, just to name a few. If it can be attached to a computer (even wirelessly) we can service it. We will help you come up with an IT strategy that supports and maintains any and all printers and peripherals. We’re a brand agnostic outsourced IT support company, which means we offer comprehensive support for all your peripheral needs, regardless of the brand.

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