Affinity ZixCorp Secure Email Quick Start

If you’re reading this page, a business that corresponds with you regularly over email has implemented Affinity Technology Partners' hosted ZixCorp secure email solution to protect your privacy. This means that any sensitive information (personal data, financial information, etc.) included in this business’s email communication with you will automatically be encrypted, meaning that only you will be able to view the contents of the secure email messages. 

Here’s how it works: 

You will see emails from this business in your inbox like normal. When you click to open one of these emails, its body may look like this:

If you see this message, the contents of the email have been encrypted to protect your privacy. To open the email, follow these two easy steps. 

1. Click Open Message. You’ll be taken to a secure message center web page. 

2. On that web page, you’ll be prompted to enter and confirm a password of your choice. Do that, then click Register.

You’ll be taken to a secure web interface where you can read the contents of your email, open attachments, and respond securely. From this point on, when you receive an encrypted email from this business, all you’ll have to do is sign in with the password you created. 

Yes, this does add a couple steps in the process of opening an email. However, in a time when cybercrime and identity theft are unfortunate realities, protecting your privacy through email encryption is a necessary and responsible precaution. These easy steps are well worth taking.