In today’s tech-driven world, no company can afford to lose their data. Luckily, the IT consultants at Affinity Technology partners have your back. Our ability to back up and recover your data will ensure minimal data loss and will maximize your company’s productivity through an attack, a natural disaster, or any other compromising situation. In simpler terms, we keep you safe.

Why Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Needs to Be a Part of Your Comprehensive IT Strategy

There are a variety of reasons why every company should implement a data backup and disaster recovery plan to protect your mission-critical applications and data, while ensuring you don’t lose revenue, brand image, or customer loyalty due to an IT disaster.

Firstly, data backup and disaster recovery solutions inevitably help your bottom line in the long run. Unplanned downtime during and while recovering from an IT disaster is extremely costly to a company, not to mention the lost revenue and damage to the brand that can incur when your IT systems are down. With a solid backup and recovery system in place, you’re saving valuable time and revenue while keeping your customers happy.

Additionally, data backup and disaster recovery offers your company vital protection when combatting a technology crisis. As the cloud grows, so do cybercriminals. Your business needs the cloud to maintain a competitive edge, yet the risks also need to be mitigated. An example of a risk that a backup and disaster recovery plan would mitigate is ransomware, as a good data backup strategy can help you avoid having to pay a ransom to decrypt data. Through Affinity, you will receive a backup and recovery plan that limits the negative impact of a cyber attack and prevents such an attack from occurring. We also provide systematic data storage that limits data loss.

Beyond fending off damage caused by malicious cyber criminals, these solutions also protect your data from natural disasters, such as hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquake—you name it. They also protect you from human error since employee mistakes that can compromise your company’s data are common and often unavoidable.

An unexpected IT system failure can be impossible to avoid completely, no matter how sophisticated your system is. A backup and disaster recovery plan accounts for this risk and ensures that when the inevitable occurs, all of your data and information is properly stored and managed. Keeping clients’ data safe and properly controlled is particularly crucial: you want to be sure sensitive data doesn’t slip through the cracks or into the wrong hands. Affinity ensures that you stay protected with a data backup and recovery plan that keeps your information safe.

How Affinity’s Team Can Help Protect Your Business so You Don’t Have to Worry

Outsourced IT support through Affinity provides data backup and disaster recovery solutions so that you don’t have to worry. We pride ourselves on providing an experienced team that listens, cares, and delivers for your business.

Since 2002, Affinity has been go-to for IT solutions for business of all sizes in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. We have made it this far and developed the reputation we have in this highly competitive industry by consistently providing high quality IT support and by employing a team of highly trained, experienced, and personable technical consultants. We take the time to get to know your company and your company’s needs so that we can provide you with a personalized service from start to finish. We are in it for the long run and therefore are always taking into consideration what is best for your company’s growth now and in the future.

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