Outdated technology and tech solutions do nothing but hold businesses back by impeding growth and ultimately hurting their bottom line. To maintain a competitive edge, you need to ensure your company is accessing the best managed IT solutions and strategies. Trusting your outsourced IT support services to Affinity means you can be sure your IT solutions include the latest, safest, and most effective technology at the most cost-effective price. At Affinity, we know how beneficial cloud solutions can be when looking to improve your workflow and lower operating costs. We offer around-the-clock support from a team of highly trained technicians to ensure that your business never skips a beat. That’s why we’re your one-stop shop for all your cloud solution needs.

How Cloud Solutions Can Improve Your Workflow and Lower Operating Costs

Our cloud-based support and maintenance solutions provide real, competitive advantages to companies big and small by simultaneously streamlining operational efficiency and lowering operational costs. In many ways, cloud computing has leveled the playing field between big and small businesses’ IT services by rolling out simple and innovative workflow management systems that are much easier to adopt, customize, and afford, while significantly increasing efficiency and decreasing wasted time. Minimizing your computer hardware and software needs by migrating to the cloud inevitably eliminates large upfront IT and maintenance costs and overhead. Moving your business IT strategy towards a cloud-based solution also often means an infrastructure upgrade that allows for a more seamless workflow. Integrated cloud-based workflow solutions, aided by automated backups and updates, undeniably decrease downtime. Cloud-based business IT solutions not only provide an uptick in time saved due to remarkably user-friendly workflow management systems and remote backup server support, they can also increase productivity and collaboration by giving your team the flexibility to access your company’s online database anytime, anywhere.

Affinity’s Cloud Maintenance and Support Solution

Migrating to the cloud can be difficult and risky. One simple mistake could result in wasted time and money, or even worse, lost information. This is why Affinity’s Complete Care Partnership includes cloud maintenance and support solutions to ensure your business makes a smooth migration and that your cloud architecture performs as efficiently as possible.

Affinity listens to your business needs and answers your questions around what the cloud is, and when and how to make it a part of your overall business management IT services. We work with you to put together the optimal IT strategy that includes cloud options that would benefit your company the most. Affinity’s Complete Care Partnership also delivers ongoing maintenance and support for your cloud solution once your cloud migration is complete. Security can be a challenge when migrating to the cloud – cloud-based security differs from more traditional models, which is why Affinity provides a migration strategy that integrates security seamlessly into the transition. We ensure you are able to make the most of your provider’s native security tools and provide the best support for cloud-based security solutions. A secure infrastructure before, during, and after migration reduces the loss of time, money, and client confidence due to security breaches.

Our Complete Care Partnership helps you adopt a cloud infrastructure and manage a cloud-based solution that reduces hardware, software, and IT maintenance and resulting overhead IT costs. Our goal is to help your business increase operational efficiency, maximize performance, and maintain a secure and reliable IT environment without burdening your budget. Our goal is to help your business grow.

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