Affinity’s approach to IT consulting revolves around the principle that we listen, we learn about your business goals, and then we formulate the best IT solutions for every aspect of your company’s system. This approach extends to your company’s smartphones and tablets. Handheld devices have changed the way businesses communicate and operate today, and in doing so they have become an integral part of any company’s IT strategy. Our comprehensive IT support and services cover mobile device maintenance and support so that whether you are in office or on the go, you can be sure your business keeps moving forward. Mobility can come at a high cost – we aim to reduce that cost. We service smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, running on Android, iOS, and Windows to increase their longevity and decrease your expenses. We’re here to make mobility an affordable option for you. We’re here to help your business grow.

How Smartphones and Tablets Can Work for You

Smartphones and tablets, once considered predominantly consumer products, have transformed the way Americans do business. Running on the concept of “the app” has given these single devices the flexibility to provide multiple functions, anytime and from anywhere. Across a secure wireless network, this provides your team with increased access and flexibility, enhances productivity, and fosters increased collaboration. Bolstered by the fact that the majority of mobile apps prioritize ease of use in their design, using mobile technology in business allows you to simply and remotely access important information on the go. The benefit of standardized and easily navigable application interfaces, combined with the likelihood that many employees already use mobile devices on a consumer level, ensures an ease of use when adopting mobile technology that goes a long way to enhance workflow and productivity.  

Affinity’s Mobile IT Support and Maintenance Solution

In today’s corporate climate, you need an IT strategy framework that includes support and consultation across a variety of platforms. We’re here to help you determine how to provision your company’s smartphones and tablets: what data should be stored locally and what data should be stored centrally, how to manage your devices in order to maximize your investment and ensure your business is using the latest IT resources available. Our Complete Care Partnership provides business IT support across all aspects of mobile device management. IT support services range from helping to install email on company devices to locking down iPads for retailers to run POS apps and navigating an iOS update strategy based on POS release schedules, with everything in between. Our IT professionals are highly trained across a plethora of mobile devices and operating systems and facilitate comprehensive vendor and warranty mobile device repair, so you know that whenever the smartphones and/or tablets that your team has come to rely on break or experience issues, Affinity is there to ensure your mobile hardware is fixed expertly and immediately.

Trusting your mobile device IT support and maintenance to Affinity also ensures security across your mobile device IT systems. In the event of loss or theft, with the support of a solid mobile technology solution in place, Affinity can assist by implementing a mobile device management (MDM) solution to wipe the data from them, preventing a security breach. We help develop and safeguard password policies on user accounts, for example, that can prove instrumental in further preventing a breach in the case of the loss of a device. We will help you develop security policies on individual and shared accounts and devices that optimize use and mobility while mitigating risk.  

Affinity’s mobile support and maintenance solutions help you provide your customers and vendors with the mobile services they deserve. Give us a call or schedule an IT support and services consultation online to find out how you can partner with Affinity today.