Iroquois Capital Group

Iroquois Capital Group, Inc. is a merchant banking and investment banking company led by business executives who have been CEOs, owners and operators of businesses, with extensive finance and mergers and acquisitions experience. Their broker-dealer subsidiary, Iroquois Capital Advisors, LLC, is under regulation by both FINRA and the SEC, and they take security very seriously, not only for compliance purposes, but also because they care about their clients.

Ashley Holloway, Iroquois Capital Group’s Vice President and Controller, has this to say about working with 3n1media:

It seems like before 3n1media came on board, every year there was some form of technology-related interruption. Now, my stress level has come down because 3n1media stays on top of our technology, so there are no interruptions. With 3n1media, we feel safe in what we’re doing to keep up with compliance needs. As we’ve grown, 3n1media’s suggestions, security-wise, have helped us stay compliant. And our experience with 3n1media’s engineers has been fabulous. They are always helpful, and they maintain professional courtesy at all times.

Fisher Matthews PLLC.

Fisher Matthews PLLC is a law firm specializing in commercial real estate. Before they opened in January of 2014, they knew they needed a technology partner who would listen to their needs and give them a solid, scalable foundation to get their business off on the right foot.

Here’s what Tonya Matthews, founding member, has to say about working with 3n1media since the beginning stages of the firm:

It was great having a full-service IT company come in and listen to what we needed and then craft a program to meet our specific needs. That’s what we were looking for, and that’s what we got. I thought everybody was highly responsive. I felt like nobody was talking over us, and the things that we didn’t understand, they really took the time to explain. 3n1media’s engineers are extremely helpful and extremely responsive. Any time we’ve had a problem, we’ve had the issue addressed very promptly. 

TPG Financial

TPG Financial works with wirehouse banks across the country to provide estate planning and life insurance planning services for high net worth individuals. In their work, they handle sensitive financial and medical information.  Needless to say, they need a technology partner who can provide rigorous data security solutions to satisfy both financial regulations and HIPAA rules, as well as keep them running at a high level of performance.

Here’s what Sarah Loutner, TPG Financial’s Director of Operations, has to say about 3n1media:

Our business requires us to have a team of individuals like 3n1media that allows us to feel confident that our client information is secure and that we are up and running 24 hours a day. We have had experiences in the past with other firms that were capable of doing the job, but were terrible at communicating with our employees. Certainly, one of 3n1media’s strengths is that beyond their wide scope of knowledge in this industry, they have always made it a priority to have people working for them that consider communication with us to be a key factor in their service model. I really feel like everyone that has ever come to our office, or called me, or sent me an email has been friendly and patient. I always get clear communication about what they are doing, why, and when they will have it done. They are also great about letting me know what I can be doing on my end if we are partnering to find a solution together.