Business Pick of the Week: Use Your Phone to Track Mileage Automatically with TripLog

Triplog GPS Mileage Tracker

Track and Report Your Mileage with Your Phone

Businesspeople who have to track mileage for work tend to get tired of keeping track of each trip manually with a pen and paper. As a business whose workforce is constantly driving to client locations, we've been there.

Thankfully, TripLog, an easy-to-use smartphone app, now allows us to track mileage automatically. TrippLog regcords mileage by utilizing the GPS functionality of the user's smartphone. You can either start and stop the tracker manually--or plug the phone in to log trips without even touching a button. Once plugged in, the app will automatically begin tracking mileage when your car begins to go over 5 miles per hour, which is handy--provided that you're in the habit of plugging your phone into a car charger.

TrippLog also includes great reporting capabilities. It will automaticaly figure in a reimbursement rate against the miles you drive on the job, allowing you to submit reports to your company via the app. All of this is why 3n1media engineers use TrippLog to easily and efficiently keep track of and submit their mileage.

Pricing and Availability

TripLog follows the "fremium" pircing model. So the app itself, along with it's core features, is free. Extra features, such as greater reporting capabilities, are available as in-app purchases for nominal fees. TripLog is available on iOS and Android devices.