Maintenance and Support Partnerships: A New Way to Partner with 3n1media for a Flat Monthly Fee


We've written before about how 3n1media is growing and relentlessly bent on improving the way we serve our clients. In our last newsletter, we introduced you to new staff members. Now, we want to tell you about how our growth has a direction--how the changes we're making mean substantial improvements to the service we provide you. Toward that end, we want to introduce 3n1media's Maintenance and Support Partnership, a new model of service we are now offering clients. Read on to hear how we're living out our mission of "delighting our clients on a daily basis by providing an excellent experience"!

Building Partnerships with Clients: What's New

Hiring new engineers, improving communications, streamlining our workflow--these are all efforts towards creating meaningful partnerships with our clients. In the past, 3n1media more or less worked on a break/fix model of IT support. When you, the client, needed us, you called us, and we resolved your issues or implemented a new solution. This model is fine, as far as it goes, but we believe that we can go farther and do more for our clients. We want to serve as a trusted, full-service partner for our clients. This means that we want to act as members of the client's team, taking on the role of an in-house systems administrator who proactively maintains the health of technology systems and thinks ahead to help the client achieve long-term business goals.

Introducing Maintenance and Support Partnerships

Over the past few months, we have been working through how to make these partnerships a reality. What we've come up with is a model for full-service maintenance and support offered at a flat monthly fee. This means no more hourly charges for work related to maintenance or support for existing systems. It's our take on a managed services agreement, with the added value of 3n1media's high-touch, relationship-based support. We call this our Maintenance and Support Partnership (or MSP for short). Here's a list of benefits of moving forward with an MSP with 3n1media:

  • Fixed-price IT support for sound budgeting
  • 24/7 support for business-critical issues
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Systems monitoring, updating, and proactive maintenance
  • Consulting for improvement projects

If you're interested in taking your partnership with 3n1media to the next level, don't hesitate to contact us. We truly believe that MSPs will provide our clients with the best possible service and the best possible value. We'd love to have a conversation about how this kind of partnership can help you achieve your business goals.