Business App of the Week: Elf Yourself (and Your Coworkers)

Elf Yourself

Turn Yourself and Your Coworkers into Dancing Christmas Elves

Looking for a way to bring some holiday levity to the office on this eve of Christmas Eve? Use OfficeMax's ElfYourself app to turn yourself and your coworkers into smooth-dancing Christmas elves in a brief video! It's super easy to use (we assume this is to minimize loss of productivity): all you do is upload a photo of someone or snap a new one with your device's camera, position it to look natural on the body of an elf, and watch the video! You can then post your creation to YouTube and/or Facebook--assuming, of course, that your coworkers have a sense of humor.

Availability and Pricing

There are various versions of this app floating around out there, but the one sponsored by OfficeMax is free. Or, we should say, mostly free: it gives you access to one video setting of elves dancing, which you can view over and over again, but if you want to see your coworkers dancing to different songs and in different settings, you'll have to shell out a few bucks. ElfYourself is available on smartphone and tablet, on iOS and Android.