Business Pick of the Week: GRID-IT by Cocoon

Greetings, business-folk! We've decided to expand our "Business App of the Week" blog series to include other tech-related solutions designed to help business users leverage technology to get things done. We hope you find these brief product overviews helpful as you think about streamlining and improving your workflow. Read on for this week's "Business Pick of the Week"!

GRID-IT: A Gadget-Lover's Dream Organizer

Gadget-Lover's Dream

The proliferation of gadgets (smartphones, tablets, etc.) has brought along with it a proliferation of peripheral items designed to be used with these gadgets--cables, cases, headphones, earpieces, keyboards, mice--the list goes on and on. So, you might find your bag or briefcase increasingly full of clattering gadgets and tangled cables. Cocoon's GRID-IT is designed to impose order on this portable chaos.

GRID-IT is a rectangular board criss-crossed with sturdy elastic bands allow you to turn briefcase clutter into a well-organized "grid" of gadgets, cables, and whatever else you may happen to be carrying with you. As you can see from this video, GRID-IT's simple design allows it to be highly versatile for organizing and holding in place various configurations of items.

Pricing and Availability

GRID-IT comes in various sizes--from a small accessory organizer to a large all-in one organizer complete with a laptop sleeve--with prices ranging from $10 to $50. It's available from the store on Cocoon's website.