Meet Bojan Matic, Our Newest Systems Engineer!

Bojan Matic

We're excited to introduce Bojan Matic as our newest Systems Engineer! Bojan comes to us after having worked as a Level 3 Technician at NuScriptRX, and we're thrilled to add him to our team. He brings significant professional experience in sophisticated tech service to the table.

Bojan got his start in the field at the young age of 11 when, much to his father's chagrin, he completely dismantled an old Packard Bell desktop--and then correctly reassembled it in a couple of days! Unsurprisingly, tinkering with technology is still a hobby of Bojan's. He also loves to travel and spend time with his wife Lindsey and daughters Eva (3 and a half) and Madelyn (6 months). He's a great guy, so help us welcome him aboard when you meet him!