Business App of the Week: CamCard

CamCard: Business Card Scanning and Contact Extraction

CamCard: Business Card Scanning and Contact Extraction

If you have a pile of business cards in your office that you've been meaning to enter into your contacts, or if you simply want a quick way to digitize business cards, this app is for you. CamCard allows you to take a photo of a business card with your mobile device and automatically convert it into a vCard, which you can save to your contacts in the account of your choosing (Exchange, Gmail, iCloud, etc.).

The app does a surprisingly good job of reading information like names, numbers, and email addresses from the card and putting them in the appropriate vCard fields automaticaly, and it also reads and stores information from QR codes. Plus, Camcard stores the card images you take in a password-protected "Card Holder," which you can sync and access across devices.

Availability and Pricing

Camcard is available across a number of mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8, and Windows Phone. There's a free version that works great, but there's also a "Pro" version priced at up to $11.99, depending on the device, that gives users access to more features.

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