Safari May Be Causing Your Mac to Run Slowly


If you're a Mac user running either Lion or Mountain Lion on your computer, you may have noticed that web browsing with Safari, or at times performing other tasks while Safari is open, is frustratingly slow. We've seen this on a good number of clients' computers and have experienced it on our own as well. We've done some looking into the issue, and it appears that Mac users all over are experiencing similar problems.

It seems that Safari 6.0, the latest version of Apple's web browser for Macs running Lion and Mountain Lion, requires an unprecedented amount of computing power. This causes its performance to sink below what we've come to expect. Furthermore, this problem can cause slowness within other applications while you have Safari open.

We're hoping that Apple will address this issue with a software update. And while there are certainly tweaks we'd be happy to help you make to improve Safari's performance, in the meantime you might consider using a different browser. You could try Firefox or Chrome, as they seem to be working just fine on Macs where Safari is struggling. We'll keep you posted on Apple's response to this issue, but, for now, feel free to let us know if you have questions.