What Intel's 5th Generation Processors Mean for You

Intel Processors

Most people don't really think about their devices' processors, the increasingly tiny chips that do all of the actual "computing" behind the work they do on their computers, or the apps they use on their smartphones and tablets. And that's why Intel's new 5th generation Core processors will probably fly under the radar for most users.

So why should non-geeks care about these new, state-of-the-art processors? Because they offer a significant improvement in device performance for both power users and average Joes and Janes alike. Here's a list of a few improvements these processes offer:

  • Drastically improved battery life (Intel claims up to 8.7 hours of laptop battery life while playing videos, which is one of the biggest drains on battery life)

  • Improved graphics processing

  • Boosted speed and overall performance

  • Smaller size enabling higher performance on smaller devices

So, if you're in the market for a new computer, we suggest looking for one with one of the new 5th Generation Intel Core i3, i5, or i7 processors, and look for mobile devices or 2 in 1s with Core i3 or CoreM processors. There are a number of devices featuring these processors already on the market, and it's a sure bet that we'll see many more soon. And, as always, if you're wondering which computer or mobile device is best for your business needs, give us a shout!