Apple Overview: The iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and New Apple TV

Apple had its annual iPhone event yesterday (which you can watch here), announcing its latest round of products. While this is a year for an "s" model iPhone, meaning relatively minor upgrades, the event didn't disappoint, as there were a number of other new product announcements.

Here's a brief overview of the biggest ones.

iPad Pro review

iPad Pro

As expected, Apple announced a new, larger-screen iPad it calls the iPad Pro. This tablet is designed with business-users in mind. When paired with companion devices like the new pressure-sensitive Apple Pencil stylus ($99) and Smart Keyboard ($169), it is clearly meant to compete with "all-in-one" devices like Microsoft's Surface Pro. Here's a brief rundown of pertinent details:

  • Dimensions: 12.9" display, 1.57lbs, 6.9mm thin

  • New CPU: Includes the new, faster A9X processor

  • Price: $799 - $1079, depending on storage and data options

  • Release: November

  • Pencil: A pressure-sensitive stylus for precise input is available separately for $99.

  • Smart Keyboard: A keyboard that also acts as a case is available separately for $169

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Again, as expected, this is a year for minor upgrades to last year's iPhone models, hence the new iPhone 6s and larger iPhone 6s Plus. Cosmetically, these devices look a lot like their immediate predecessors, but they do include a few notable upgrades. Here's a rundown:

  • 3D Touch: First introduced on the Apple Watch, this feature allows the user to press down on the touchscreen to access more options on many apps.

  • New CPU: Includes the new A9 processor

  • Camera Upgrades: Better resolution from both back and front cameras, 4k video recording, and a flash on the front camera (for better selfies, of course!)

  • New Fingerprint Scanner: Boasts better accuracy

  • Price: $199 to $399 for the 6s, and $299 - $399 for the 6s Plus (all with a contract, of course)

  • Release: September 25

  • New iPhone Upgrade Program: For $32 a month, users can get a new unlocked iPhone each year. The price includes AppleCare.

Apple TV Review

Apple TV

With this first major upgrade to the Apple TV in quite a while, Apple offers a number of significant possibilities for TV screens, including big-screen shopping and gaming capabilities that could compete with major consoles. Here's an overview:

  • Siri Remote: The Apple TV's new remote includes a touchpad for easier navigation, as well as a mic for Siri (see below) and motion sensors that open up numerous possibilities, especially for gaming (think of the Nintendo Wii).

  • Siri Integration: With the remote, users can use voice commands to navigate, search, and bring up information like sports scores onscreen.

  • tvOS: The new Apple TV will include a new iOS-based operating system, giving users access to apps that enable shopping, gaming, and more.

  • Pricing: $145 (32GB) and $199 (64GB)

iOS 9

Apple also announced that iOS 9--which includes features like updates to Siri, splitscreen multitasking for iPad, and refreshes to native apps like Maps--will be available for iPhone and iPad on September 16. As with other OS upgrades, though, we do urge users to wait to upgrade, to ensure time for bugs and compatibility issues to be ironed out