The Surface Pro Power Cord Recall: What You Need to Know

Surface Pro

Recently, Microsoft announced a voluntary recall of Surface Pro power cords purchased before March 15, 2015. This includes the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, and Surface Pro 3 models.

In a blog post, Microsoft explained that if the affected power cords are would too tightly or become pinched, they are at risk of overheating. No injuries have been reported, thankfully, but it's good of Microsoft to be proactive in this case.

Now, the recall doesn't apply to the power supply "brick," just the power cord that attaches to it (pictured to the right). Also, it's important to note that the Surface Pro devices are the only ones covered, as opposed to Microsoft Surface devices.

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To process your recall, visit Microsoft's recall page here. Or, if you'd like help processing your recall, feel free to contact us!