Sean Wright Speaks at Brentwood Morning Rotary Club


Sean Wright, Affinity’s Founder and President, spoke this morning at a meeting of the Brentwood Morning Rotary Club. His talk centered on cybersecurity best practices – a relevant topic for the community and business leaders in attendance.

Sean’s presentation gave an overview of cyber threats that affect organizations of all sizes, as well as tips on how businesses can create action plans to protect their most important assets and prevent data breaches. Sean also gave a hands-on demonstration of the dangers of transmitting sensitive data over public Wi-Fi, which the Brentwood Morning Rotary attendees took to heart—and to Facebook:

Screenshot 2017-09-20 14.11.45.png

Of his experience, Sean shares, “It was great to be welcomed by the business leaders with the Brentwood Morning Rotary Club and to be able to share from my experience and expertise. Cybersecurity is of crucial importance both to business success and to the safety and security of our communities and institutions, which makes it relevant to the Rotary’s broader mission.”

Sean has spoken on the topic of cybersecurity, as well as other topics related to using technology to drive business growth, at numerous events in the Greater Nashville area, hosted by organizations including Pathway Women’s Business Center, the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce, and SCORE.

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