Construction Technology Is Evolving...Is Your IT Management Plan?


Cranes fill the skyline of downtown Nashville. The city is growing at a shocking rate. According to census data, around 100,000 people have moved to Nashville in the last decade, a number that has been on a steady rise since the 1970s. All of this is good news for construction companies. But the question remains—how will your construction firm remain competitive in the crowded Nashville landscape?

As in many other fields, innovative technologies are providing forward-thinking contractors and construction companies with ways to work better, faster, and more efficiently—giving them a leg up over the competition. That’s why it’s essential that today’s construction firms work with technology experts—be they internal IT teams or a managed service provider with experience in the construction industry—to leverage technology to improve their efficiencies and grow their businesses.

Emerging technologies in the construction world

Computers and tablets are now essential additions to any construction team's toolbelt. Along with traditional software tools providing functions such as payroll management, progress monitoring, and communication, technologies such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality are transforming the construction business. And developments in machine learning mean that technology tools are analyzing progress and developing personalized feedback on projects.  

And beyond the worksite, construction company websites are no longer digital brochures, but essential tools for gathering contact information for prospects and even communicating with customers to manage existing projects. With software integrations, websites can now function as crucial customer service tools, gathering information to help construction firms grow and nurture their businesses in a thriving construction environment.

All of these technologies provide invaluable data that can serve as an engine for growth. If well-managed, they can overhaul the efficiency and effectiveness of a construction company or subcontractor business. 

How Does Your Existing Construction Technology Stack Up?

Many construction companies have been around for decades, and the legacy systems they have in place should be evaluated over time to make sure they keep up with modern demands.

Such an evaluation may reveal that existing construction management software are no longer supported by modern devices and operating systems, which puts the company at risk of failure and makes them vulnerable to malware, ransomware, and other cyber attacks. Furthermore, a technology expert may be able to spot operational inefficiencies, such as piles of papers and crowded filing cabinets, which can be replaced with electronic storage and data management systems.

In other words, an IT expert, whether an internal CIO or an outsourced IT provider—can help you evaluate your existing systems for both risks and opportunities for greater efficiency. They can help you choose and manage builder software that will help ensure the security and efficiency of your operation.

Construction Firms and Cyber Security

The right IT management plan not only considers leveraging technology to improve efficiency, but also addresses cyber security risks—which, if left unmanaged, can spell disaster for your construction firm.

Construction projects are complicated endeavors. Employees and subcontractors are on the move to get the job done right and on time, meaning that mobile technologies are a must to ensure everyone is on the same page. And with increased mobility comes an increased risk for a data breach due to lost or stolen devices and the use of unmanaged wireless networks. 

Additionally, construction teams have to deal with high personnel turnover as teams come and go to complete portions of the overall project. This means that numerous individuals are constantly interacting with your data, putting it at risk for compromise—unless the right safeguards are in place.

It’s crucial, then, for construction companies to develop technology utilization plans that ensure their data remains protected and organized. 

Affinity’s Managed IT Services for the Construction Industry

Affinity Technology Partners is here to help your company manage your construction IT needs, transforming your technology from necessary evil to competitive advantage. Our team can work with you to develop proactive optimization of systems to increase efficiency, strategies to pair technology with actual needs on the ground, and policies ensure safe data use and transfers between teams and subcontractors. 

Give us a call or contact our IT consultants online to find out how a partnership with Affinity can help your business today.