The EU Data Protection Directive: How to Comply with this Law Protecting EU Consumers


The EU Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC) is a law recently implemented by the European Union to protect the privacy of EU citizens’ data, specifically as it relates to collecting, processing, or exchanging their personal information. The regulation affects companies worldwide as it calls for organizations based outside the EU, but who work in some capacity with EU consumers, to understand and comply with their data protection standards. There are seven primary principles upon which the regulation is founded:

  1. A company must notify subjects of any data collection.

  2. Subjects should be informed of who is collecting their data.

  3. Once collected, personal data must be thoroughly secure and kept safe from any potential abuse.

  4. Personal data may not be shared with third parties without consent.

  5. Subjects must be able to access their own data to provide any necessary corrections.

  6. Collected data may not be used for purposes beyond those stated during collection.

  7. If all seven principles are not complied with, subjects are able to hold personal data collectors accountable.

How US Businesses Can Comply With The EU Data Protection Directive

The EU Data Protection Directive will affect all entities that operate in and/or offer services or goods to the EU directly or as a third party. For example, a US based website that is made available to people in the EU will need to comply. It is paramount that companies with EU customers understand how to comply with this law protecting EU standards.

Compliance to the EU Data Protection

These directives can be strictly monitored and noncompliance can result in huge fines and headaches. The objective of this directive is to set a new global precedent around protecting the integrity of data for EU consumers. It is critical that companies working with entities in the EU examine how they collect, process, and store consumer data, and potentially modify operations to comply with this directive. Training necessary staff to understand the required steps for compliance is also crucial. Finally, thorough communication with customers and staff alike to inform them of your commitment to comply with this directive will ensure that you’ve covered your bases moving forward.

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