Content Management Systems: Deciding How to Publish Your Marketing Content to the World Securely


In today’s tech driven climate, online content is key for marketing success. One drawback of this development is the increased frequency of data breaches and the resulting havoc they cause. Businesses looking to publish marketing content online must be fully equipped to protect themselves from these growing security threats. Bearing this in mind, it is critical that your IT support provider ensure that your chosen content management system (CMS) allows you to safely publish marketing content.

Key Security Features to Look for in Your Content Management System

Publishing content securely should be a priority in every business’s tech interactions. It is therefore critical to understand what your CMS offers in terms of security.

As your company creates more content and as more people access that content, strong security management - the organizational structure and tech that protects your IT operations from online threats - should be a key feature of your content management system. Top notch CMS security management not only protects your businesses website and online content, it also secures your consumer data. When it comes to navigating security management, analyze your team and figure out what needs to be done to ensure that your entire company adheres to your desired security standards. You’ll also want to review your overall IT strategy and infrastructure, examining how you can make your customers feel secure when they access your site and what you can do to ensure the safety of their data.

Enhanced permission controls are another key feature that your business should investigate when choosing CMS technology. Companies offer various types of content and staff members play different roles when accessing and publishing that content. A quality CMS system should offer tiered publishing capabilities to ensure that staff members have varying levels of access depending on their role. Make sure your CMS allows your admins to designate users with multiple roles, easily adjust powers, and add new user levels. This ensures that your system is optimized to suit your company’s unique needs. Advanced permission controls will help bolster your confidence in your system’s security.  

Affinity Technology Partners Can Help You Decide How to Securely Publish Your Marketing Content

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