What Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs) Need to Know to Protect Their Cyber Security in 2019


As cybercriminals increasingly target small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with highly sophisticated cyber attacks, cyber security is becoming more and more critical in 2019. As the prevalence of technology grows in the workplace, so does the potential of cyber intrusions to wreak havoc on your company. Hidden threats, including cyber intruders and damaging malware, are among some of the biggest menaces that threaten your computer systems.

What Should SMBs Know To Protect Their Cyber Security in 2019?

Small and medium sized business need to make cyber security a priority when developing a holistic IT strategy this year. Here are a few essential ways this can be done:

  • Businesses are continuing to adopt cloud solutions at a dizzying rate – and for good reason. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that the cloud does have the potential to increase security mismanagement and data exposure. SMBs should devote serious attention to cloud security in 2019.

  • Evolving ransomware, malware that essentially locks you out of your system and takes your data hostage until a ransom is paid, will continue to hit SMBs this year. Because of the ways in which this malicious software can cause severe damage, cyber security solutions that address the issue are imperative.

  • Cyber attacks via social media will be trending this year as more and more companies rely on social media platforms to enhance their business. Cybercriminals can seriously damage your business’s reputation and bottom line via botnet accounts looking to spread fake information and steal personal details from potential customers. It is crucial for SMBs to be prepared to combat potential social media onslaughts.

  • As always, a lack of awareness among employees may be SMBs biggest vulnerability when it comes to cyber threats. Cybercriminals continue to use social engineering tactics to trick unsuspecting users into opening malicious email attachments, click on malicious links, give up sensitive information, or even wire funds to fraudulent accounts. Properly training your employees to be aware of potential cyber security threats, as well as informing them regarding how to report and combat these threats remains vitally important.

Affinity Technology Partners Can Help Protect Your SMB Today

In today’s hyper-connected workforce, outsourced IT solutions will help you navigate the delicate balance between the security issues created by increased 24/7 remote working practices and the advantages that increased workplace mobility can provide. Outsourced IT consultants will have experience in handling unfamiliar varieties security breaches. Here at Affinity Technology Partners, we focus on developing ever evolving, faster, and more efficient ways to deal with any cyber threats and security issues that inevitably pop up for any business.

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