What is Ransomware and How Can You Protect Your Organization?

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Businesses of all sizes have become popular targets for the growing threat of ransomware. Ransomware can wreak havoc on your company’s computer system, but effectively managed IT services and network support can help prevent attacks and minimize damage in the case of infiltration.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is malware (a type of malicious software) that encrypts your data and holds it hostage for ransom money. There are a variety of ways ransomware can infiltrate your system, including phishing emails, malvertising (online advertising that incorporates malware), or a website infection that exploits a vulnerability in a computer’s defenses.

Ways to Protect Your Organization from Ransomware

There are a variety of ways to protect your business for malware. We’ve outlined some keys steps to take below.

  • Train your workforce around how to avoid becoming ransomware victims. Human error is often the way this malware finds its way onto your system, so be sure to empower your employees to detect warning signs, avoid falling for phishing schemes, and ultimately how to respond to ransomware threats.

  • Patching your systems regularly will help foil ransomware attacks. Employ a patch management system that efficiently and effectively updates endpoints and applications to minimize attacks on your system’s vulnerabilities.

  • Limit your network’s exposure to malware by monitoring and restricting network access at all times. Make sure you have an understanding of and control over what is on your network at all times. Be sure to segment network access so that you are aware of your vulnerabilities and limit your users’ ability to install and run software on your network that may be problematic.

  • Implementing standard IT security measures that include detection software is always an important step in protecting your network and preventing malware infiltration.

  • Always ensure you have a data backup and disaster recovery plan to minimize the effects of ransomware attacks.

  • In the event that your company does experience a ransomware attack, file a report with law enforcement, and remember that it is recommended to never pay the demanded ransom. Reporting to law enforcement will help bolster any insurance claims or lawsuits filed as a result of an attack.

Affinity Technology Partners Can Help Protect Your Organization Today

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