Is Your Business at Risk for Disruption?


Disruption from Tech-Invested Companies Is Here to Stay

Disruption has been a buzzword for a few years—for good reason. Today’s business climate is full of startups utilizing technological innovation to radically shift the way products and services are delivered—in a way that disrupts businesses stuck in the conventional way of doing things. Startups like Uber and Lyft have upended the Taxi industry. Airbnb has changed the hospitality industry. And Amazon has continued to make brick and mortar retail a thing of the past.

If you haven’t felt disruption in your industry, it’s likely only a matter of time. In a recent Forbes survey of business leaders, 51% of executives saw disruption as posing a high level of risk to their companies, while only 13% could be considered true leaders in leveraging data to drive growth. We are still in the midst of a digital revolution, wherein businesses are becoming smarter and more efficient—and reaching new customers—through technological innovation, from big data to AI and automation.

All this means that technology, far from being a necessary evil, is becoming a strategic, competitive advantage for forward-thinking companies. Which, on the flipside, means that companies that do not see technology as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition are at risk of being on the losing end of disruption.

Gauging Your Risk for Disruption

So how can you tell if your company is poised to be on the leading edge of the disruption trend—rather than at risk for being disrupted? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do any of your main strategic initiatives for this year or this quarter involve implementing new technologies, or getting more out of the technology you already have?

  • Does your organization reward innovation from employees who find ways to work better, faster, or more efficiently with technology?

  • Do you seek the advice of experts on how to leverage technology to accomplish your company’s unique goals and overcome your unique challenges?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” you may be at high risk for disruption. The good news is that, with help from the right technology expert—be it an internal member or a strategic partner—you can change the direction of your business, positioning yourself on the cutting edge.

Ready to Take on the Disruptors?

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Our technology experts are always willing to speak with business leaders to learn what specific business risks and challenges they face, and to explain how Affinity’s outsourced IT department’s unique approach to business technology may be able to address those challenges.

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