5 Low-Tech Tips for Preventing Data Breaches

Many of the precautions businesses need to protect their data involve sophisticated, high-tech safeguards, such as antivirus software or virtual disaster recovery solutions. While these are important, it’s also critical that businesses don’t forget the actual, physical security of the devices and infrastructure that store and transmit their data. While not as sexy as high-tech safeguards, these low-tech precautions are essential components of any business’s cybersecurity strategy.

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Scam Alert: "Malware Warning" Pop-Ups

We’ve written in the past about phone scams where a criminal poses as a representative from “Microsoft Support,” asking for credit card payment to perform some necessary maintenance on someone’s computer. Thankfully, increased education on cybersecurity has raised consumer awareness of scams like these, but criminals have gotten even smarter at figuring out ways to steal your information.

Over the last six months, and increasingly in the last few weeks, though, we’ve seen multiple instances, as well as reports from others, of a new variation on this scam, which is even trickier.

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Don’t Get Hacked. Encrypt Your Email.

f you’ve been paying attention to the news in recent weeks, you’ve been hearing about high-profile email hacks. Individuals or state actors have stolen and begun releasing the contents of a certain presidential campaign’s emails to the press.

Now, setting aside any political elements to these recent stories, the technical side of them should be downright terrifying to businesses and individuals who send sensitive information over email. While the Clinton campaigns email hacks were actually the result of a phishing email, the bigger picture behind the news stories is that email is an incredibly insecure means of communication.

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7 Ways Encryption Can Protect Your Business

Odds are you've at least heard of data encryption. Even if you haven't used the technology, you've probably heard it mentioned in a movie or TV spy drama. You may not know, however, how crucial this technology could be to your company’s security. Read on to find out how companies of all shapes and sizes can safeguard their data—one of their most important assets in the information age—with encryption

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