Business Pick of the Week: Squarespace


Squarespace: A Powerful Tool for Building and Managing a Professional Website

For a long time, we remained skeptical of most "do-it-yourself" website building tools. No more. Squarespace, in particular, has matured to the point where it really is a viable option for creating, managing, and hosting an attractive, professional website for a fraction of the cost it takes to build a website from scratch. We've helped a number of businesses set up websites with this tool, so we feel very comfortable recommending it.

Squarespace is both a web development tool and content management system (CMS). It works by providing users with a wide array of highly customizeable template pages from which they can build, manage, and update a website. It's an incredibly flexible tool that empowers businesses to easily manage and update their web presence while consistently keeping fresh content up--without having to know anything about coding.

Squarespace's feature set is incredibly broad, including:

  • E-commerce capabilities

  • Image galleries

  • Blogs with commenting

  • Audio collections

  • Multiple contributors

  • Built-in SEO

  • Website analytics

  • Importing and exporting

  • Template designs

  • Site control (easy tool to change CSS and layout of website)

  • Built in mobile site

Availability and Pricing

Squarespace offers 3 tiers of pricing. The "Personal" service consts $8 per month, "Professional" is $16, and "Business" is $24. The higher the tier, the more capabilities you have.

Need Help Creating Your Site?

Another great thing about Squarespace is that it allows users to integrate outside design elements as well. So, if you'd like to go beyond the built-in design templates with some customized branding while maintaining the flexibility of Squarespace, we'd love to partner with you. We can also help you build out your site to optimize user experience, and then turn the keys over to you to maintain your content. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to talk about how Squarespace might help your business.