View Full PowerPoint Presentations on Your iOS Device with SlideShark, Our Business Pick of the Week


Leverage Your iPhone or iPad to View PowerPoint Presentations

Sure, Apple's Keynote presentation app has enabled folks to create and share presentations with their iPhones and iPads for a while now. But let's face it: a very large portion of business users still use PowerPoint for their presentation needs.

While there are a number of ways for at least viewing the content of PowerPoint presentations on iOS devices, SlideShark goes above and beyond by providing a platform that maintains all of your presentation elements, including animations, links, videos, fonts, etc. It links with cloud storage services like Box and Dropbox to facilitate quick and easy uploading. Plus, it boasts a pretty slick UI, complete with a laser pointer feature, a timer, and great presentation remote features for easily driving an onscreen presentation from your device.

Pricing and Availability

SlideShark is only available on iOS devices. The good news is that the free version of the app likely offers enough functionality to be a no-brainer for most business users. There are, of course, premium versions that offer more features, such as extra storage and administrative capabilities for organizations.

Business App of the Week: Air Display 2

Air Display 2

Air Display 2: Use Your iPad or iPhone as a Second Monitor for a Mac or PC

If you're looking for a cheap way to add a second monitor to your workspace, or if you'd like to add touchscreen capabilities to your desktop, Avatron's Air Display 2 app may just do the trick. This app allows you to use your iPhone or iPad as a second monitor for your PC or Mac. It's pretty simple to use -- you download the app from the App Store, download the drivers for your PC or Mac, and get going!

You can use Air Display to create a true secondary monitor that expands your workspace to your phone or tablet, or you can mirror your main display on your device. Either way, Air Display also allows you to leverage your touchscreen to interact with your desktop, which we think is pretty cool. What's more, we've found that, especially over a wireless network, the app is pretty snappy -- there's little if any lag.

Pricing and Availability

Air Display 2 is available for iOS devices only, and it costs $9.99 from the App Store. It works with computers running Mac OS X or Windows 7 or 8, excluding Windows 7 Starter edition.