Adobe Users: Watch For Password Reset Notifications

Adobe Password Reset

If you use Adobe products, you may be getting an email message that looks like the one pictured on the left. Last month, Adobe's systems suffered "sophisticated attacks" (their words) that resulted in the compromise of customer information. Now, they're sending emails out to users whose login information was compromised. They're also contacting customers whose credit card information was stolen; thankfully, the stolen credit card numbers were encrypted.

If you do receive an email from Adobe, be sure to confirm whether or not it's actually from them, and not a phishing attempt designed to take advantage of this situation. Adobe recommends (and we agree) that if you are at all suspicious of the email you receive, you should not click on any of the email's links and instead simply navigate to and reset your password from there. Also, it's a good idea in situations like this to change your username and password on any other websites with which you use the same credentials as you did with Adobe.