Business App of the Week: Talkboard

Talkboard App

Talkboard: A Simple, Collaborative Whiteboard App

There's just something about a whiteboard, isn't there? In a business environment this low-fi tool can help with everything from brainstorming to collaborative planning to presentations. Talkboard, from collaborative software giant Citrix, is a free app that takes the conference-room whiteboard to your iPad. It allows you to share virtual whiteboards remotely, empowering you to leverage this simple but useful tool with coworkers or customers when you can't be sitting in the same room together. The app utilizes your iPad's touchscreen to create simple and attractive boards that you can share with other users, and it allows multiple users to work together on the same board in real time.

Pricing and Availability

Right now, Talkboard is only available on iPads. Here's hoping that will change soon. The good news is that it's available for free from the App Store.