iPhone 5, iOS 6, and New iPod Touch Overview


Yesterday, Apple announced the highly anticipated iPhone 5, along with iOS 6, a new mobile operating system, and a new line of iPods. Most notably, the new iPhone does seem to be a significant upgrade over its predecessors, boasting a larger screen and 4G LTE capabilities. As usual, we have a summary of what's new below (you can find more comprehensive rundowns at Engadget or Macrumors):

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 will run you $199 for a 16GB version with a contract (notably, the iPhone 4 will now be free with a contract, and the 4S will run you $99).  Here's what that will get you:

  • A larger 4" display: Previous iPhone displays have measured 3.5", so this will give you a noticeably larger screen. You can watch full widescreen movies, utilize more space with your apps, and you'll see an extra row of icons onscreeen.

  • 4G LTE capability: Finally, Apple has added the faster LTE data connectivity to the iPhone.

  • Thinner, lighter specs: While the phone is longer than previous models, it's also thinner and lighter.

  • The new A6 chip: This new processor is faster and more efficient, meaning that it improves both performance and battery life.

  • The new "Lightning" digital port: The old connector port and cable are out, and Lightning is in. It's smaller and completely digital. But this does mean that you'll have to buy an adapter in order to use your iPhone accessories.

iOS 6

Apple has released a new version of its mobile operating system to go along with the iPhone 5. Here's what's new:

  • A new Maps app: The upgrade to Maps includes Siri-spoken voice directions and interactive 3D city views.

  • Passbook: This new app allows you to purchase movie tickets, airline tickets, and gift cards to display for use from your device.

  • Facebook integraton: iOS 6 allos you to post directly to Facebook from your apps.

iPod Touch

While the new iPod Touch probably takes a back seat to the iPhone 5, that doesn't mean it doesn't include notable improvements. Here are a few:

  • 4" display: Just like the iPhone 5, the new iPod Touch has a longer screen.

  • Siri: The new iPod Touch is the first non-iPhone device to include Apple's Siri voice-activated "personal assistant" software.

  • Better camera for HD video: The 5-megapixel rear-facing camera now shoots 1080p video.

  • New Nanos as well: Apple also announced a new line of touchscreen iPod Nanos to go along with the new iPod Touch.