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As with our other blog posts, the goal of this one is to share with you some useful information on technology that you may find invaluable to your work. Secure email is a technology that has been on our minds for a while now—so much so, in fact, that we have decided to host the ZixGateway secure email solution on our servers for our clients' use. Read on to learn about ZixGateway and about how secure email can provide vital protection for both you and your customers.

What is Secure Email?

Secure email is a technology that employs encryption to make sure an email that contains confidential or sensitive information can only be accessed by its intended recipient. Because unencrypted email is a very exposed means of communication, government regulations on businesses in industries like healthcare (think HIPAA) and financial services (think FINRA) require secure email. Really, though, any business that sends sensitive information over email should consider this technology, whether they are required to or not.

Why ZixGateway?

As with other technologies, all secure email solutions are not created equal. After considerable research and testing, we are confident in our choice of ZixGateway.

We chose ZixGateway for two main reasons. First and foremost, we chose it for its quality. ZixCorp is widely acknowledged as one of the biggest industry players in secure email, and their resume is pretty impressive. They provide secure email services to quite a few Federal regulatory agencies, including the FFIEC and the SEC. Not bad company to be in—especially if your company falls under the jurisdiction of one of these agencies.

Secondly, ZixGateway makes secure email as painless as possible for everyone involved in the process, including company decision-makers, employees who send secure emails, and clients who receive them. ZixGateway works by scanning each email (and attachment) that leaves your server and automatically encrypting emails it flags as sensitive based on policies you choose. With our help, you set your policies by choosing from the system’s wide range of filters, each of which scans for a specific category of content, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or personal identifiers. ZixGateway even has industry and regulatory specific filters that you can use to encrypt emails that contain, say, HIPAA violations. This all means that you can customize ZixGateway to automatically meet your business’s security needs; your employees won’t have to remember to manually encrypt sensitive emails.

Furthermore, ZixGateway’s user interface for your recipients is the most intuitive on the market. When you send encrypted emails to clients, ZixGateway guides them to an easy-to-use web email portal that provides secure access to the emails. This does add an extra step for your clients, but it’s a necessary step for their privacy’s sake. And ZixGateway makes it as painless as possible.

Overall, we truly feel that ZixGateway is the best secure email solution for our clients, and we are excited to offer it as a service. Don't hesitate to reach out for more information!