Outsourced IT in Nashville: What Financial Firms Need for Success

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Throughout Tennessee and across the globe, financial firms are using outsourced business IT support to take advantage of advanced tech solutions and advisory services. These solutions and services aid in developing a holistic IT strategy with strong security and disaster recovery solutions. While technology in the financial industry has become more user-friendly, the back end has become more complex, requiring increased expertise in order to ensure every technology investment is adequately maintained. Alongside the demand from clients and staff alike for an increase in 24/7 network availability, security threats in this sector have evolved and require more rigorous attention. Financial firms can leverage outsourced IT services companies to help accomplish goals that can’t be reached internally. Specifically, significant value has been found in accessing more robust IT skills, improving overall service delivery, reducing risk, and ensuring needs are met when it comes to compliance in the financial services industry.

What Nashville’s Financial Firms Need From Outsourced Managed IT Services

  • Outsourced IT partners enhance your financial firm’s success by taking a holistic approach in developing an IT strategy clearly aligned with your business goals. Consulting and advisory tech solutions should be custom tailored for your financial firm.

  • Your outsourced tech consultants should be adept at recognizing your financial firm's business drivers and aligning tech solutions accordingly. Keeping these in mind, they can provide services like hardware procurement and the development of software initiatives, including the development of impactful solutions for high-quality user experiences that help drive your financial business forward.

  • In order to optimize your financial business, your managed IT service provider needs a deep understanding of the technological needs of Nashville’s financial Industry, including the regulatory environment, proprietary platforms, and asset classes your financial firm operates within. Your outsourced IT solutions should be built by tech professionals with a deep level of financial domain expertise.

  • Keeping your financial company’s business goals in mind, your managed IT service provider should assist you in developing versatile and trusted cloud solutions with stable platforms in the industry.

  • Outsourced IT providers should offer optimized application management solutions that build a foundation for optimal operational efficiency and enhance your financial business.

  • Proactive maintenance and disaster recovery planning and implementation are critical in preventing costly problems. Properly managed outsourced IT support for your firm must include regular maintenance and thorough software patching and disaster recovery plans.

  • Just as credit card companies and banks need to go the extra mile to protect customers from data breaches, so must financial firms. Quality outsourced IT solutions include robust cybersecurity solutions that boost firm-wide protection from cybercrime and earn investor and regulator trust.

  • Standards and regulations are abound in the finance industry - FINRA, GLBA, PCI – all require compliance programs that must be taken into consideration as finance professionals develop an IT strategy. FINRA covers broker-dealers. GLBA applies to a broad range of financial firms. And PCI applies if they are taking/storing/processing credit cards. Trust quality managed IT solutions to help ensure ongoing financial regulatory compliance and operational due diligence in the technology space.

Nashville’s Financial Firms Trust Affinity Technology Partners

Since 2002, Affinity has been a go-to for IT solutions for business of all sizes in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. We have made it this far and developed the reputation we have in this highly competitive industry by consistently providing high quality IT support services and by employing a team of highly trained, experienced, and personable technical consultants. We take the time to get to know your company and your company’s needs so that we can provide you with a personalized service from start to finish. We are in it for the long run and always take into consideration what is best for your company’s growth now and in the future.

Give us a call or schedule an IT consulting service online to find out how a partnership with Affinity can help your business today.