Outsourced IT: A Law Office Checklist for Secure Storage

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The importance of confidentiality and security in a law office cannot be overstated, and your IT strategy around cloud storage solutions should reflect this. Law firms need to have full access to documents anytime, anywhere. At the same time, it is critical that their sensitive information is stored on a secure and reliable platform. Outsourced managed IT services should help implement cloud storage systems that ensure their policies and SLAs address practical and ethical concerns for legal professionals. While the onus of choosing secure systems for cloud storage falls on the law practice, the right managed services provider can help firms navigate the due diligence process toward choosing efficient and secure solutions.

Secure Storage for Law Offices

The following best practices can help ensure your law office’s cloud storage remains secure.

  • Do your due diligence and ensure that your cloud service provider is compliant with the ever-evolving cloud computing security standards for your area of law practice.

  • In order to keep security measures up-to-date and protect from cybersecurity threats, a routine security vulnerability analysis should be conducted on all of your systems, including your cloud storage system on a regular basis.

  • Thorough backup and disaster recovery plans are crucial and should be a part of your cloud storage services.

  • Law offices should always ensure data is encrypted and protected during transfer and while in storage.

  • Employee training is key to ensuring that security measures around your law office’s storage systems are implemented. Work with your outsourced IT service provider to arrange thorough training sessions and ensure everyone in your office adheres to the protocol.

  • The days of using one simple login credential to access your systems are on their way out. For truly secure access to your systems by authorized personnel, it is important to set up supplemental authentication methods.  

  • A secure cloud storage system allows employees, contractors, and clients to have different access rights depending on their roles. Your access management policy should involve setting specific access rights for each individual user, keeping track of what access is granted when, and removing users when they are no longer working with your firm.

  • Logs are vital for more than just compliance; they also monitor dubious activities and can prove very useful when investigating a breach. Secure cloud services track every user on the system and can provide information around what they viewed upon request.

  • Cloud solutions are often accessed through web browsers. Ensure that every browser in your law office is updated and secure.

Affinity Technology Partners Can Help Ensure Your Firm’s Storage Is Secure

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