What Nashville Manufacturers Need to Stay Online and Secure


Manufacturers need IT solutions that keep production up and running. If productions systems go down, no matter how short the time period, your bottom line will suffer the consequences. In order to stay online and secure, manufacturing companies of all sizes benefit from managed IT services that work to prevent downtime due to substandard technology and optimize the uptime of manufacturing systems in the production chain.

How Can IT Services Keep Manufacturers Online and Secure

Comprehensive manufacturing business IT support services should include the following:

  • An ideal technology partner should serve manufacturing clients in the Greater Nashville area with state of the art IT services tailored to suit your manufacturing business goals. Manufacturing is a broad industry and there are a variety of IT solutions for different manufacturing operations. Your IT service provider should help determine the best strategy for your company – a strategy that ensures you have the optimal IT infrastructure design for your industry.

  • Redundancy is critical to production systems. Manufacturing companies need to be confident that their production systems will remain in service and will be protected in case of failures in any other part of their current IT system. Redundancy strategies, redundant systems, and redundant ISP connections coupled with ongoing proactive maintenance ensure a highly reliable IT system that manufacturers can count on.

  • Software management and support for MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) is also critical for manufacturers. Good outsourced IT providers can help you find the perfect software solutions for your manufacturing business

  • Your IT solutions must include a comprehensive security strategy that incorporates encryption. Encrypted email and secure file sharing may be crucial to protecting your business. Encrypted record keeping software is becoming a must-have in the manufacturing industry.

  • A robust data backup and disaster recovery strategy should always be a part of every manufacturer’s IT strategy to protect your business when accidents and emergencies occur.

  • Vendor management solutions are key as many manufacturers have to deal with managing a diverse IT infrastructure environment. Your outsourced IT provider should first work with you to determine your company’s needs, then manage software vendors to ensure their applications suit your core business goals and needs.  

Manufacturers Can Count on Affinity Technology Partners

Affinity Technology Partners serve Nashville Manufacturers with top of the line IT services that protect against downtime while increasing the productivity of manufacturing systems. Since 2002, Affinity has been go-to for IT solutions for business of all sizes in Nashville, Tennessee and beyond. We have made it this far and developed the reputation we have in this highly competitive industry by consistently providing high quality IT support and by employing a team of highly trained, experienced, and personable technical consultants. We take the time to get to know your company and your company’s needs so that we can provide you with a personalized service from start to finish. We are in it for the long run and therefore are always taking into consideration what is best for your company’s growth now and in the future.

Give us a call or schedule an IT consulting service online to find out how a partnership with Affinity can help your business today.