The Only Technology Partner You Need

In order to grow, businesses need a proactive and strategic approach to technology. That’s why we developed the Complete Care Partnership. Under this model, you have access to a full-service enterprise-level IT department, staffed with a team that is 100% committed to helping you understand the role technology plays in developing growth strategies for your business.


Outsourcing IT Services for Your Business in Brentwood, Tennessee

Affinity Technology Partners is proud to offer managed IT services throughout Brentwood and Williamson County. Whether you're in financial services, healthcare and hospital administration, or the legal field, our IT solutions will protect client privacy while helping your business grow.


Complete Care Partnership Benefits

With a Complete Care Partnership, your organization enjoys all the benefits of having an in-house IT department, including:


Proactive maintenance to prevent downtime and keep your people productive



Executive-level strategy, pairing the right technology with business goals, within budget



Automated monitoring and management of all systems



Responsive, reliable support for issues as they arise


The Affinity Difference

We believe that all businesses deserve an enterprise-level IT department. So we built one, and staffed it with a team who listens, cares, and delivers. The result?


And powers growth.

Our CIO-level consultants present data-based strategy and high-impact recommendations for IT that works within your budget to impact your bottom line.

IT that works . . .

We provide support for issues as they occur, but our main focus is preventing issues from ever happening. That way, you avoid costly downtime, and your people stay productive.


If it plugs in, we support it.

We provide a comprehensive array of technology services across industries and across platforms. We are vendor agnostic, allowing us to remain focused on finding the right technology for your needs.

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Installation and Implementation:
• IT Consulting and Strategy
• Network Design
• Virtualization
• Hardware and Software Provisioning
• Specialized Application Implementation